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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plastic surgery

Do you know what these are? No, not jelly beans...Neuticles. Fake testicles for dogs. No I'm not making it up.  People actually spend money so their neutered dog still LOOKS like he has testicles.

Not even the big "macho" breeds. I've seen little white fluffballs like bichons with fake testicles.

What is the point to this you ask? THERE IS NONE. Its all in the heads of the owners who need their pets to look a certain way to satisfy some innate insecurity.

And it isnt the only thing. People are tattooing their pets. With actual TATTOOS...not just ID tats. Pictures and tribal tattoos. There are people out their piercing their pets.

While many of these things are illegal in places, since ID tats are legal there is a gray area. But morally...COME ON! Sorry, but there is nothing that is ok about causing your pet pain for vanitys'  sake. And for the record, yes I am opposed to ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, etc...also.

They are not your dolls to play with. They are living breathing creatures who shouldnt be subjected to these things which have ZERO health benefits. No your Sphynx cat does NOT need a tattoo of an Egyptian necklace.

They dont care. Let them be animals. If you like tattoos and piercings and plastic surgery...feel free to get it yourself.

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