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Friday, November 11, 2011

If it aint broke...FIX IT ANYWAY!

There are some things I can forgive. I understand that not everyone has studied animals as long as I have or are in the business to have to know certain things. But there are some things I CANT forgive.

Common sense is sadly, not that common. And too many people dont care or refuse to learn how to care for their pets properly.

Here's a little guide:

Un-neutered male dog/cat + un-spayed female dog/cat WILL eventually = BABIES!  Babies are expensive no matter what species it is. Of course thats only if you want to do things right. Unfortunately many people do the bare minimum IF that.  Most places have low or no cost spay/neuter clinics. And if not, suck it up and spend the money. If you cant afford it, you shouldnt have gotten a pet. There is no excuse to have an unaltered cat or dog unless you are ACTIVELY showing them in conformation shows. And no cat or dog should be bred unless it has been titled in shows, and passed any and all health certifications. No this does NOT mean "my vet says she's healthy". That means Certifying hips with OFA, ruling out genetic issues like heart defects, or any other defect prevalent in that breed. This costs money. Quite a bit. REAL breeders do it to further the breed...they rarely make much, if any, profit.
Not fixing your dog leads to a host of problems, both health and behavioral. Intact males will break through doors to get to a female in heat, which they can smell for up to a mile away! They will run away, get hit by cars, etc..   They will also be much more likely to mark or spray.  Intact females will bleed for @ 10 days twice a year. Cats can go into heat much more often and in fact, can go into heat and not come out. 

Good info:  

Medically..if you dont know what testicular cancer, mammary cancer or pyometra look like..check it out. Do you really want to put your animal through this torture??

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