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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First post!

A little info on me. I am a veterinary technician. For those of you not in or acquainted with the industry, this is comparable to a nurse. But with a much smaller paycheck!  I am the one who you see in the exam room first. Who takes your pets temp., weighs them, draws blood and/or takes other samples as needed and asks you about their history and why they are at the hospital that day.

You will be amazed at the level of insanity we in the veterinary industry deal with on a daily basis! From crazy owners to bites to heartbreak...I will share it all with you.

So for anyone who thinks we all just cuddle puppies and kittens all day at work (though we do that too! One of the best perks of this job!)....stay tuned!!


  1. yay! Bookmarked! <3

  2. Thanks Ally! Feel free to add your own stories!!