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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How much do we need?

For those that may be wondering...

When your vet asks you to bring in a fecal sample,unless otherwise specified,  we need about a fingernail sized amount. Preferably as fresh as possible.

Please dont bring in a quart sized Ziploc baggie full of every pile you found in your yard. We dont need or want that much poo!

If you are directed to bring in a urine sample, this is where bringing as much as you get comes in handy. Since we may (depending on the reason you were asked to bring it in) need to run multiple tests and/or send it to an outside lab...go ahead and bring in a big ol' cup full!

As for blood, this also depends on what we need it for. We may need just a drop, we may need 10 cc's. And depending on how much your pet and their veins want to co-operate, this takes time. So sorry, but we cant tell you when we take him in the back exactly how long it will be til we bring him back out. Could be a minute, could be longer. Could be that several people need to try several veins before we get enough blood out of them. The probability of this increases if your pet is older, sick or uncooperative.

Just a little FYI! :)

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