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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh poo!

Occasionally (ok a lot), animals pee and/or poo in the vets office. It's ok. We are used to it. If we are lucky, they go on the floor and not directly on us!

If your pet does this, please act normally. By that I mean, apologize but not profusely. Offer to clean it up, but accept it when we (most likely) say not to worry and we will be happy to do it for you.

When you act like it's the worst thing to ever happen, it stresses out your already freaked out pet.  Who probably pee'd and/or poo'd BECAUSE they are stressed. Don't make it worse! And please....if your pet DOES pee ON me, don't grab paper towels and try to scrub off my clothes while I am wearing them. I assure you, I'm used to it and I have a change of scrubs in the car. You rubbing the urine into my skin through my scrubs is not helping!

Conversely...don't act like an entitled biatch while you watch us scrub up your pets mess in silence.  Poopsmith is not my job title. I don't mind helping...but it IS YOUR pets mess. An OFFER to help clean it up is appreciated. Unless I am excessively busy, I likely will politely turn your offer down and do it myself. But the offer is still appreciated.

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