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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Surgery is still SURGERY. Even if its Fifi or Fluffy.

Those of you that have had the misfortune of having to have had surgery in your life....did you just show up at a hospital in the middle of the day at random and announce your readiness to be sliced open?


Guess what? You cant do that with your pet either! Surgery for animals involves the same things as humans...anesthesia, an iv, pre-surgical bloodwork, sedation, the requirement that there be no food or water after midnight the night before, etc...etc...

Not to mention that veterinarians are DOCTORS who have APPOINTMENTS and dont have that magic locket that turns back time from Harry Potter so they can somehow see 7 people at 2pm on Tuesday.

So please....dont randomly show up at your vets office and announce that you want Fifi spayed RIGHT EFFING NOW while you wait. Cause you know what? No.

In fact...dont randomly show up at your vets office and announce you want ANYTHING right effing now unless it is genuinely an emergency. And no...the fact that you have an hr for lunch and it didnt dawn on you until today that you are taking Fluffy to the groomer tomorrow morning and they require her to be up to date on vaccines is NOT an emergency. Blood pouring out, bones poking through skin, seizures...THESE are emergencies. Getting you to your spa appt on time doesnt count. Bite me. :)


  1. WOW! What a wack job, but I can SO see this happening which is sad! People are crazy - I feel bad for Fluffy!

  2. It has happened more then once! At different hospitals, with different clients. People seem to have an idea that we arent a "real" doctors office and that somehow time works differently within our walls. At least once a week someone comes in without an appt and is absolutely infuriated when they are told that we either dont have time to see them that day, or they will have to wait.

    I'd like to know what their reality feels like where they get everything they want the second they want it! lol